The name of our company is Truly Fair Credit, and we have a program that MAKES the credit bureaus DELETE your bad credit, no matter how bad. We can make them delete anything, including bankruptcies, foreclosures, student loans, collections, medical bills, and even judgments.

Which really means to you that Truly Fair Credit Repair can show you how to increase your credit score well over 100 points very quickly. We know that we can do this because, on average, we are deleting nearly 50 percent of people’s bad credit in the first 30 days with us. We are so confident about our ability to fix your credit that we offer you a total value warranty.

If your credit score is holding you back from what you want in life, our program is exactly what you need. Most of our clients will tell you that if you want your credit to be better you will be ecstatic about the results you receive from buying our program, because it’s guaranteed and it works! It just makes sense.

When you enroll now, we are going to attack your credit from three different angles all at once. But the first thing you are going to get is the peace of mind knowing that you are handling this problem though qualified credit repair services. Knowing that you don’t have to worry about this anymore because we have a proven system that has produced industry leading credit repair services for the last nine years.

Once you enroll, we will immediately get you into our dispute program. During the dispute program all of your materials are prepared completely custom FOR YOUR NEEDS. We prepare and send all of the materials for you. Plus, you will not be required to prove anything to your creditors or the bureaus. That is actually one of the biggest things that makes our program different than other “credit repair” companies. We aren’t just disputing the accuracy of the debt. We actually focus on violations of reporting law by the credit bureaus and the creditors themselves.

Have you ever heard of Section 609?

This refers to Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It is a law passed in the early 70s that actually created the credit system. It set out the rules of the credit system for the bureaus. According to Section 609, in order to report anything negative against you, they must be able to provide a specific set of original documentation. If the bureau can’t provide it –they must delete it.

What we do is request that documentation in a very particular way that makes it almost impossible for them to provide the documents. Which is why we can remove your negative credit from your report, even if you actually owe the money. You see, we are actually disputing the legal right of the credit bureau to tell anyone. Not just whether or not you owe the money. See the difference?

Without the proper documentation, they don’t have the legal right to report your bad credit. We are so confident in the quality of the program that we actually offer you a Total Value Warranty on our Total Restoration Program. So you know you will get your money’s worth with your credit fix.

This is why many of our clients of the Truly Fair Credit Repair Program will tell you that it’s certainly easy to enroll in a program that really fits your needs, on a deep level, for all the reasons you can think of for wanting good credit, and it’s easy for us because of our high success rate. It’s almost unbelievable to think that ON AVERAGE we actually get 47 percent of bad credit fixed on the first try. Plus, we AVERAGE fixing another 19 percent on the second and 15 percent more on the third try.

But the thing I have heard time and time again is that the biggest reason people enroll now is that they realize that good credit is like getting the down payment on all of the stuff you really want. It saves you thousands on your down payment and closing costs on a mortgage. Good credit lets you buy that new car or truck you like with no money down. It gets you the credit card or financing for that 70 inch TV. Or, it keeps you from being scared of the transmission going out on your car and can’t get to work because you don’t have $3500 on a card to fix it and you can’t trade it in. That’s a really scary proposition for a lot of people.

Waiting for something bad to happen is not the time to start working on this. It’s really important to start working on this before you need it. Since it’s important to take action, we do what we can to make the program affordable. Most of our clients will tell you that the benefits make the program pay for itself. We can get you started on our Truly Fair Credit Fixed Fast Program for as little as $100 down and $125 per month.

For the bigger credit fixes, we have our Total Restoration Program. With this program you actually get six full months in the program for just $599. You can even break that up into two, three, or four payments.

PLUS – with either program- if you are enrolled for six months you get out TOTAL VALUE WARRANTY. With the TOTAL VALUE WARRANTY, you know that you will always get your money’s worth.

But a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So call today to enroll at 888-741-7780 or enroll online right now with our unique credit repair services.