TFC Letter from founder

My Credit Was Terrible And I Got A Second Chance.

I Built A Second Chance For You, Because You Deserve To Be Able To Start Over Too.

Whether it was because the economy crashed, life happened, or you just plain screwed up, it doesn’t matter. NOBODY wins when you are punished forever because of your bad credit score. The world isn’t a better place when you can’t purchase necessities. The world needs consumers involved and purchasing things. It’s how the economy functions.

You Need A Fresh Start, And We Give That To You! A Way To Try Again With Reliable Credit Repair.

The story of Truly Fair Credit Repair starts when my personal finances went south. For 11 years, I was a ‘mortgage guy.’ My clients were making money on real estate. My bosses were making money with homes. “Real estate never goes down.” -until I bought one too many.

The market crashed and my income went down by 60 percent. The last house I bought was listed for over $140,000 less than I owed the bank and nobody was even looking at it. At that time, you had to pay taxes on the amount you short sold your house for. I had to decide between bad credit and a $50,000, $60,000, or even a $80,000 tax bill. I chose the bad credit.

After that, I just rented a place and said, “I’m never financing anything again. I’m only paying cash. I’m just going to rent here.” But, after a while, things started getting better and I realized that wasn’t realistic.

My “Ah Ha” moment was when I was thinking about my car. What if my transmission went out – what would you do? Before, I would either put it on a credit card or just trade it in. But now, with no credit card and a bad credit score, I wouldn’t be able to get decent financing. I looked at my bank account and the number wasn’t big enough for a new transmission. Do you have $4,000 to $6,000 cash floating around?

So I knew I had to do something and had to fix my credit. The problem was in 11 years as a mortgage sales person, I never found a decent credit repair company. I found about seven that did NOTHING. I found three more that were worse than that, i.e…scams!!! I wasn’t super optimistic that I would find a reliable company for credit repair.

So I set out to find or create a legitimate and accountable credit repair program. I researched the laws and sought out “The-People-Who-Know.” I liked this company because of the success rates and warranty. I was apprehensive because I didn’t really have a lot of money in my budget. I mean, when do you ever really have a bunch of extra money sitting around that you can’t find something to do with?

But the guy I talked to asked me a very simple, but blunt question: “If I snuck into your house tonight and took the monthly fee, would you starve to death? I mean, would you really and literally starve to death?” I was like, “Well, no, of course not. I would just have to change some stuff….ohhhh!”
My results inspired me to create the Truly Fair Credit Repair Program. Our program focuses on:

Proven Results

You will be hard pressed to find another credit repair company that reports their success rates. Mostly because they are not very good. Our multiple-year statistical average shows that we delete 47.07 percent of our clients’ bad credit in the first 30 days. Then another 19.8 percent in the second month, and another 15 percent in the third month.

We prove we can do it by posting over 200 pages of real client credit reports on our website. You might not believe in Big Foot, but, if I showed you over 200 clear pictures of them you might start.

The most important aspect is our warranty! I have yet to find another credit repair company that actually guarantees their results – or your money back. We do. It was important to me that we make sure that all of our clients are safe, secure, and know that they will get their money’s worth.

I know how defeating having bad credit can feel. I have been there, and since I know I have the ability to fix your credit, I have the responsibility to show you the better way to tackle credit repair.