Explanation of Section 609

Explanation of Section 609

How do you really get bad credit deleted by the credit bureaus? Have you ever heard of section 609 before?


This refers to Section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. That is the law that was passed in the early 70s that actually created the credit system. It set out the rules the credit bureaus themselves must follow to report accurate information. It is also the law that Truly Fair Credit Repair uses to make the credit bureaus delete your bad credit.

According to Section 609, in order to report anything negative against you, they must be able to provide a specific set of original documentation. If the bureau can’t provide it –they must delete it. It’s the law!

The beauty of this is that we are not actually disputing the accuracy of the account. We are actually disputing their legal right to TELL ANYONE about your bad credit. Because, without the paperwork, they do not have the legal authority to tell anyone about your bad credit.

What we do is request that documentation in a very specific way. With the way we do it, we have NEVER gotten the documents. Never! Not once in nine years and with over 90,000 clients.

This is why we can remove your negative credit even if you actually owe the money. Even if it’s reporting correctly on your bureau. It’s also why, on average, we fix 47 percent of our clients’ bad credit during the first 30 days, another 19 percent repair rate in the second 30 days, and another 15 percent in the third.

We are so confident in the quality of the program that we actually offer you a Total Value Warranty. So you know you will ALWAYS get your money’s worth with our Total Restoration Program. Enroll today!