#3 Reason We Are The Best

The Best Credit Repair — Reason #3 – We make it Easy and Affordable

As you can see, Truly Fair Credit Repair works fast. Pretty much as soon as you take action, and we do what we can to make the program affordable for you now. We have built three different programs to fit everyone’s needs.

Our base credit repair program is our Credit Fixed Fast month to month program. This program has no minimum commitment. You buy as much as you need and are just billed for your time in the program. This program is just $100 down and $125 per month, per person. We get you started with just the $100 and your first round of letters go out within 24 hours. This program is best for people who are close to their credit goals and only need some things fixed to finish it up.

Our most popular program is our Total Restoration Package. This program gives you a full six months in the program. You get six full months of our dispute services for a special price. As you know, on average, we have historically deleted about 47 percent of bad credit in the first month, 19.8 percent in the second, and another 15 percent in the third. Six months does a real good job for bigger credit restoration jobs that might include foreclosures, short sales, repossessions, and judgments.

The other great part is that the Total Restoration Package will automatically get you our Total Value Warranty. So you KNOW you will get your money’s worth. The Total Restoration Program starts at just $599 for the six months. Don’t worry, we have payment plans where you can pay in installments. PLUS, you can add other family members in for half price. That’s right, two people can do the program for just $898.

Our third program is called, A Complete Do Over. This program is designed for clients with multiple major derogatory events. Things like bankruptcies, multiple foreclosures, multiple short sales, or combinations of these. The 12 month program gives you a full year of credit repair and coaching services for just $950. With payment plans breaking the price up into as many as six installments, and of course, you get our Total Value Warranty.

So, whatever you credit looks like, we have the program for you. We know that all three of these programs work so well that we will give you money back if we don’t do a good enough job. You really can’t ask much more than that. So let’s get started!

Please click on the “Enroll Now” tab and we can get YOU on the way to good credit tomorrow.