#2 Reason We Are The Best

We now come to our second guiding principle: Truly Fair Credit Repair is actually the LOWEST RISK credit repair company available. We may not be the cheapest credit repair service, because being the cheapest isn’t good enough. Credit restoration is not free, but is worth every penny, because without good credit you can’t function well in the current economy. Good credit is power and we deliver improved credit ratings.

By far the biggest thing we get asked about at Truly Fair Credit Repair is, “What if nothing happens? What if you can’t remove anything?” Our goal was to set out to create the Lowest Risk Credit Repair Company in America. This way you never have to worry about whether we are going to repair enough of your credit or not.

Unlike all the other credit repair companies, we stand behind our credit restoration services. This is why we give you our money back warranty. Truly Fair Credit Repair is the only credit repair company to offer you a Total Value Warranty. You see, in accordance with federal law, it is illegal for a credit repair company to promise or predict precisely how much your credit score will improve, when it will improve, and what elements will be removed from your credit rating. The best we can do is say, “If we don’t delete enough things, we will give you your money back.” We are the only credit repair company to do it!

Our guarantee is how you know you will get your money’s worth.

We decided that this level of service still wasn’t good enough. So, not only does Truly Fair Credit Repair give you the ONLY Total Value Warranty, we also PROVE IT TO YOU. If you go to the PROVE IT page of our website, you will see over 200 real examples. You will see pictures of credit reports deleting foreclosures and bankruptcies. Examples include deleted judgments, collections, and charge offs.

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