#1 Reason We Are The Best

#1 Reason We Are The Best

The Best Credit Repair — Reason #1 — It Works Fast!

The first reason why Truly Fair Credit Repair is the best for credit repair is the most important one. We get results, and we get them fast. You will begin to see results pretty much as soon as we take action on your behalf. In fact, on average, we are repairing about 47 percent of credit items in the first 30 days. Another 19 percent in the second 30 days, and another 15 percent in the third. This is a statistically significant number, making us the best credit repair service around.

Truly Fair Credit Repair can do this because we are going to attack every negative creditor AND the credit bureaus for you. We actually fight with both the creditors and the credit bureaus themselves – for you.

We are going to file all the demands with the credit reporting companies and win the fights for you. But the most ingenious reason we are the best credit repair company is how we use a loophole in the 40-year-old law, the law that created the credit bureaus, against them. This section of the law states that credit bureaus themselves must have a specific set of original documentation on file in order to REPORT your bad credit.

Do you see what we are saying there? We aren’t arguing that you don’t have bad credit. We are saying they don’t have the legal right to TELL ANYONE ABOUT your bad credit. This is what we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

See the difference?

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